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Anybody's flashlight will shine in the dark, But our flashlights will light up your day!

The Online Flashlight Store is dedicated to bringing our customers some of the best, most useful flashlights and flashlight accessories available today. Check out our products now and see why we say "Anybody‚Äôs flashlight will light up at night, but our flashlights will light up your day!"

Discounts on all items. 

Buy any 4 items or more and receive an additional 10% off at checkout !

Our manufacturers have been in the business of developing flashlights, flashlight accessories and flashlight systems for uses in industry as well as the private sector for over 40 years combined.

Products we supply you with are technologically advanced, some designed for extreme environments.

The Online Flashlight Store will supply you with:

  • LED Flashlight Kits that are Waterproof down to 1000 feet (Military tested tough, the same model supplied to the US/NATO military)
  • Glow in the Dark flashlights with Magna Beam technology that lights up a room.
  •  (Currently Unavailable)  SAFE-LIGHT'S amazing PALight Survival Flashlight an approved US Military Flashlight & supplied to the Military, Law enforcement Agencies, F.E.M.A., Embassies & Special forces.Hunting use flashlights that are waterproof, easy to use and find in a pack or purse.
  • LED lamps to convert your MagLite, mini-mag flashlight or most other types of flashlights from a standard to an LED bulb.
  • We also can supply you with regular, krypton, and xenon type flashlight bulbs. 

   Our rugged Glow in the Dark flashlights, LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs and accessories are relied upon by scuba divers, mountaineers, police officers, fire fighters, military and other demanding customers.


Most flashlights and flashlight accessories sold here are made in the USA.